Future IDs Art Workshops

Two forms of the art workshops provide different kinds of communal environments for participants to conceive of and develop visions for their future selves.

Workshop Form 1  A primary objective of this form of the workshop is to collaborate with system-involved individuals in the production of finished artwork that visualizes their goals and builds towards the public service campaign.

Sale and the core project collaborators have facilitated this form of workshop at the Anti-Recidivism Coalition and the Bunny House in Los Angeles and at San Quentin State Prison in the Bay Area.

Workshop Form 2 –  This version of the workshop explores the connectivity of everybody participating – people who are system-involved and people who are not. It provides a more demonstrative and performative experience and focuses on the process rather than on completing artwork.

Sale and the core project collaborators hosted a Workshop for the Arts in Corrections: Building Bridges to the Future Conference held at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

In 2018-19, they will generate ten to twelve more workshops of both forms.

2015 Creative Capital Retreat Presentation

Future IDs at Alcatraz

Project Iterations

Gregory Sale, ­“Future IDs: reframing the narrative of re-entry,” Art as Social Action: An Introduction to the Principles & Practices of Teaching Social Practice Art, edited by Gregory Sholette, Chloe Bass, and Social Practice Queens, Allworth Press, NY, NY