Future IDs are Free

Future IDs are Free at Adobe Books Backroom Gallery in San Francisco featured artwork produced during a month-long workshop at San Quentin State Prison. As part of the long-term Future IDs project, the exhibition and public programs celebrated the completion of the workshop and built community momentum for the overall project.

Participants included Anthony Vasquez-Ramirez, Bruce Fowler, Darren Rhinehardt, Frederick Tinsley, Gary Harrell, Gerald Morgan, Jerome Watts, Jimmy Vue, Khalifah Christensen, Lumumba Edwards, Mark Stan-Bey, Nicola Bucci, Noah Wright, Omid Mokri, Ronell (Rauch) Draper, Scott McKinstry and Thomas R. Tongpalan.

During the exhibition, Sale invited local artists, justice advocates, groups of teens and community members to meet with him in the gallery space, where he presented snapshots of this collaborative process and practice. He and the core project collaborators continue to develop the network of relationships and partnerships that make this work possible.

Thank you to Carol Newborg, Program Manager, San Quentin Arts in Corrections; Steve Emrick, Community Partnerships Manager, San Quentin State Prison; the William James Association; Montalvo Arts Center Lucas Artist Residency Program; the Anti-Recidivism Coalition; and Eliza Gregory, Artist/Curator, Adobe Books Backroom Gallery.

2015 Creative Capital Retreat Presentation

Future IDs at Alcatraz

Project Iterations

Gregory Sale, ­“Future IDs: reframing the narrative of re-entry,” Art as Social Action: An Introduction to the Principles & Practices of Teaching Social Practice Art, edited by Gregory Sholette, Chloe Bass, and Social Practice Queens, Allworth Press, NY, NY