Love Stories, 2007

Love Stories inserted a body of intimate, text-based works into the increasingly divisive dialogue surrounding gay rights issues, particularly in Arizona. A political climate in which Arizona citizens continue to reject diversity in favor of anti-queer laws sets a poignant backdrop for this body of work.

Using hand-rendered lettering, minimal materials and performance, the autobiographical narratives at the center of this series permeate the boundaries between public and private experience. The artwork was augmented by a multimedia experience, including performative readings of the texts from the visual works, for which Sale was accompanied live by the band Mondegreen.

The text-based works with performance were co-presented by Trunk Space and Writers’ Bloc in Phoenix, AZ in 2006. Performances included five performances during the course of the initial exhibition at Trunk Space; during Noice: Celebration of poetry and musicWriters’ Bloc at Modified in Phoenix in 2006; and for Soul Poetry, performance/reading, with Casa Libre and All Souls Procession, Tucson, AZ in 2009.