Reprint, 2007

For the conceptually driven exhibition Do Me, members of an informal arts collective were randomly assigned a name of another member and were tasked to make art in the style of the other member, within the space of a standard frame from IKEA. Assigned to writer/art critic Deborah Sussman Susser, Sale wrote a review of the Do Me exhibition, which appeared in print in the Phoenix New Times and was shown simultaneously in the exhibition.

Sale represents the collective and engages with the quotidian by playing the trickster and ‘style thief,’ by having his art review validated through its publication in a local newspaper, and by having the hand-rendered review exhibited in the exhibition.

Do Me was presented at Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ. The conceptual invention/review of the exhibition was published in the Phoenix New Times, February 22, 2007. Collective Gesture members include Jeremy Briddell, Sue Chenoweth, Cassandra Coblentz, Cyndi Coon, Angela Ellsworth, Jon Haddock, Trisha Harper, Tania Katan, Carrie Marill, Sherrie Medina, Matthew Moore, Heidi Neff, Mark Newport, Jo Novelli, Gregory Sale, Betsy Schneider, John Spiak, Deborah Sussman Susser, and Karolina Sussland.

Do Me, exhibition with media publication, Trunk Space and Phoenix New Times, February 22, 2007, Phoenix, AZ.

Link to Phoenix New Times review and article.