Hair series, 2006 – 2008.

Hair series focused on the tension of working with hair conceptually and the challenges of bringing forth one’s internal and revealing experiences. The series started as an investigation of hair art, translating it for a modern audience and forcing a reconsideration of preconceived notions of the medium.

In Cut a lock of hair – any size, anywhere, text-based scores written with Liquid-Plumr© along side depilatory wax cast-offs (remnants of the artist’s trip to the aesthetician) points to a determined effort to “get the hair out.” In Meditation on a hairy soul friend, visitors were implicitly invited to participate by a pair of barber’s scissors attached to a slotted shadow box to create a group drawing consisting of their donated locks of hair. The resulting group drawing hung alongside a text-based prose piece, written in spirit gum, describing the evolution of autobiographical meditation experiences involving a hairy soul friend.

Formula for a 15-minute treatment with a deliberate nod to happenings and meditation
 used instructional scores, a gaming device and violinist to create a group meditative experience, drawing it’s temporal parameters from the reaction time of Grecian Formula 5©. The performance was presented initially at Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ in 2006 and subsequently at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in 2008.