Photos: 1. Jason Dillon, 2. Marisa Jahn, 3. Gregory Sale

Rap Sheet to Resume, 2015-16

Rap Sheet to Resume blended professional development training with a social/aesthetic investigation. At its center fourteen individuals with conviction histories participated in professional development training, learning artistic strategies to expand how they perceive and present themselves. Together the participants and Sale produced an installation and public programs for the Urban Justice Center, an organization supporting New York City’s most vulnerable residents.

The project was developed with safe re-entry advocate Johnny Perez, social worker Susan Goodwillie and curator/artist Marisa Jahn. It featured the collaborative participation of Lee Bentley, Catrice Bowen, Andre Cates, Candie Hailey-Means, Davon Harris, Anthony Jackson, Emmanuel Kelly, Eddie Mabane, Herbert Murray, Brunilda Rivera, Anthony Watson, John Black, Isaac Scott, and John B. Springs III with programmatic participation from journalist Maurice Chammah (Marshall Project), journalist Jennifer Gonnerman (New Yorker), activist Glenn Martin (Just Leadership USA), and legal scholar Patricia J. Williams (The Nation and Columbia University).

This work is supported in part by Creative Capital Foundation, Art Matters, and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Creative Research Council. It was developed with the support of an artist residency at Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA.