Looking for Yoko Ono, 2002-2006

Looking for Yoko Ono is a sound-based performance-video project entailing clandestine communication with audience members attending the Yes Yoko Ono exhibition at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Responding to an early Yoko Ono piece, Sale played with artistic intervention and celebrity and questioning museum culture

Ono’s original piece presents a simple telephone placed on a shelf and a label that reads: “If the phone rings, answer it and speak with Yoko Ono.” Sale obtained the phone number and called the museum once daily (like Ono) and spoke with whomever answered.

The video component of this project was realized in conjunction with media artist Vikki Dempsey. The project and related works have been included in festivals and exhibition contexts: alongside Yoko Ono’s work in Yoko Ono: Imagine Film, UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA; in 7+7+7=21, Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ; at Photo Miami, International Contemporary Fair for Photo-Based Art, Video & New Media. The project won an Award for Innovation in the Hometown Video Festival, Monterey, CA in 2005.