Go Ahead, Wonder, 2009

As the framework for an artist’s page in the Phoenix New Times Best of Phoenix issueGo Ahead, Wonder posed a simple, yet profound question for Phoenicians: “Ever wonder about the future of this place?”

Collaborators Sale and poet/community artist Kimi Eisele set out to initiate community-wide considerations of future scenarios by creatively enticing the newspaper’s 70,000 readers to offer a thought or a random musing in a one-minute voice message, to e-mail 100 words, or to contribute in person. Live interviews were conducted during the opening of “Phoenix as Wonderland: Art from New Times’ Best of Phoenix″ exhibition.

The amalgamation of media, text, photography, sound, interviews, and participation memorialized a vision of the artists’ wonderland in Phoenix as a community that gets involved with social issues and programs mindfully for its future.

Media art/research project (one-month community research/engagement), The Phoenix New Times and [Merz] projects, Phoenix, AZ

Link to Phoenix New Times Best of Phoenix: Wonderland artist page & bios.