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On Location, sample conversation

(background of parade and circus organ sounds)
Gregory: Hey, do you mind if I interview you real quickly?
Man: Gladly. My name is Jack Calvin. My wife, Joya.
Woman: Please. I don’t want to be associated with that.
Gregory: You don’t want to be connected to him?
Woman: No, he is my husband.
Man: We’re from La Quinta, California which is down by Palm Springs. So we’ve come a long way to participate in this wonderful parade.
Gregory: Your costumes are certainly wonderful.
Man: I made them.
Gregory: Were you aware that the theme was circus this year?
Man: We thought it was Vegas show girls.
Gregory: Wow, well you certainly pulled that off. Can you do a kick for us?
Woman: Sure. (she does a elegant show girl kick)
Man: I can’t.
Gregory: (Laughs) Beautiful! So, one last question. What does solstice mean to you?
Woman: Fun. Happiness. I wish everybody would scream and yell.
Man: It means people can come out and enjoy the day. And that’s what life’s all about.
Gregory: Thank you.

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