• Image 1, promotional image used in the project refers to Yoko Ono’s Museum of Modern (F)Art conceptual intervention in which she stages her own exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1971 through advertisement.
  • Image 2, The visual in the video is an active dot pattern generated from a sound wave of the spoken dialogue and telephone sounds. Sale began each conversation with “I am looking for Yoko Ono,” and proceeded from there.
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Looking for Yoko Ono, text samples

(phone ring.)
Woman: Hello.
Gregory: Hello. I am looking for Yoko Ono.
Woman: You have the wrong number.
Gregory: Do I really?
Woman: This is the phone number at the exhibition, but she is not here.
Gregory: She’s not there? So did you…you picked up the phone?
Woman: It says when the phone rings, picked up it the receiver and talk to Yoko Ono. I was hoping you would be.
Gregory: (laughs) Oh! So what would you have said if it was Yoko Ono?
Woman: I would know. (laughs) I would have been quite happy.
Gregory: You would have been quite happy?
Woman: So what inspired you to call?
Gregory: Yoko did. She inspired me. (laughs)
Woman: (laughs) So does this mean I have to call someone now?
Gregory: You can try. That would be a good idea.
Woman: You sound like you are part of the exhibition. (laughs)
Gregory: Oh, I am sort of butting in.
Woman: Yeah, and we were staring at the phone hoping it would ring.
Gregory: Yeah, I was doing the same thing.
Woman: I had to push quite a few people out of the way to grab the phone.
Gregory: Oh, you did?
Woman: Anyway.

(phone rings)
Man: Hello.
Gregory: Hello. I am looking for Yoko Ono.
Man: Yes, this is her.
Gregory: (laughs) It doesn’t quite sound like her.
Man: Oh, no. I am her.
Gregory: Oh. Good. Great.
Man: Do you like my show?
Gregory: Yeah, it’s really fabulous.
Man: Oh, thanks.
Gregory: It’s really great to see your work again. I hadn’t seen it in a number of years.
Man: Oh, I see. We’ll you should really make more of an effort.
Gregory: Yeah. Well what are you doing right now? What’s your newest work?
Man: Oh, I am just doing ink drawings.
Gregory: Oh, really?
Man: Yeah.
Gregory: And are…what are you thinking about conceptually?
Man: Yes, well, I have to go now.
Gregory: Thank you.
(hangs up.)

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